Visionaries, Partners, Allies & Friends

Our mission is a collaborative and cooperative effort with our Visionaries, Partners, Allies, Friends and Supporters. We thank them for their continued commitment to and support of our work. Partners and Allies are provided with a Partner Seal or an Ally Seal for their use on websites and in publications as a visible reminder of their support for and commitment to a more inclusive profession that will lead to Real Change. Now.  (Join us.)

Visionary Partners






















E. Macey Russell

Barrington Lopez

Lorraine McGowen


Kim D. Hogrefe

Katherine M. Larkin-Wong

Willie Miller, Jr.

Michael J. Wagner

Hon. E. Kenneth Wright, Jr.


Floyd Holloway, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence M. Murphy

< $500

Marcine Anderson

Nicole Nehama Auerbach

Linda Chanow

Rockwell Chin

Hon. Hannah Chow

Luci-Ellen Chun

Willie Dennis

Josie Gough

Jayanne A. Hino

Paul Hirose

Bruce Ishimatsu

Sidney Kanazawa

Holly D. Kozlowski

Ajay Mehrotra

Peggy Nagae

Kathleen Dillon Narko

Ellen Ostrow

John Ratnaswamy

Mr. & Mrs. Michael (Jayne) Reardon

Howard W. Waltzman

Latham Williams

Molly L. Wiltshire

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