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    • 04 Dec 2018
    • (UTC+01:00)
    • 3 sessions
    • Cercle de Lorraine, Place Poelaert 6, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

    As the legal profession becomes increasingly globalized through business and technology, issues of diversity and inclusion among lawyers – regardless whether they are in corporate law departments, law firms, or government agencies – are also becoming increasingly global. While the legal professions - in the English-speaking world - have been attempting to address these issues for many years and have made some progress, they have not been nearly as successful as one might expect from a profession of problem solvers! Join us for an interactive exploration of how to move the dial on diversity and inclusion in the legal profession in Europe:

    • What does “diversity and inclusion in the legal profession” look like in Europe and why does it matter?
    • Gender equality and LGBT+ are often the foundations for a robust D&I strategy.  But a truly inclusive strategy also encompasses other under-represented groups.  Are race, ethnicity, disabilities, class/social mobility, religion or generational differences relevant, acceptable, or comfortable components to diversity and inclusion in the legal profession Europe?
    • How can the legal profession in Europe reconcile global concepts about, and client demands for, diversity and inclusion with its own structures, professional constructs, and cultural norms?
    • How can the profession work together to advance diversity and inclusion and better mirror the communities it serves?


    10:00-10:30 pm - Registration 

    10:30-17:00 pm - Program 

    17:00-18:00 pm - Reception

    NOTE: Please email or call Jenna Meyers at or 312.554.2053 with any questions about registration. 

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